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Midwest Best Equipment provides our clients and dealers with the best available portable heaters and evaporative coolers available in the marketplace. Our heaters are ideal for a wide array uses including:

Some of our more popular products include:

We’re passionate about the products we provide. We operate with the integrity, that’s a staple in the Midwest, and have fun doing it! If you need help, whether that’s help picking the right heater or cooler, or just need some friendly advice on your heating or cooling needs, call us directly at 1-866-369-3020.

Val6 Radiant Heaters

The Best Portable Space Heaters

Are you ready for the revolution? The VAL6 series of heaters came barnstorming our beaches with one goal: Replace every portable space heater in America! It was a tall order, but we're on our way. Now, widely regarded as the new standard in portable heating, the VAL6 series is our flagship line of products.

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Evaporative Coolers

The Best Portable Coolers

You can get all fancy if you want, but water remains one of the best ways to regulate temperature. Utilizing the tremendous cooling power of H2O, the RKF series is for use where it's just plain uneconomical to run an air conditioner. Inside, outside, ball games, state fairs, fully-clothed or string-bikini'd. Sweltering summer heat has a new enemy.

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Home of the Best!

With the invention of the internet, and subsequent services like Amazon, eBay and the like, suddenly, the world was at your fingertips. We see this as being a bit of a blessing as well as a curse. How can you tell the crap from the gems? A portable, space heater might look like it should do the trick, but will it really? At the same time, a portable, evaporative cooler might seem like it has the features you want, but how can you trust it will deliver when it’s crunch time?

Here at Midwest Best Equipment, we make knowing the best, and offering the best, both to the public and to our dealers, our business. Hell, we even make it our business name! How’s that for confidence? If you’re searching for the best, if you’ve been burned (literally, or not) by a bad product in the past, if you’re sick of rip-offs and repeats, look no further.

In general, we’re available for a gab about the products if you have any questions:

Give us a call: 866-369-3020

What’s the Difference?

In this day, age, and economic climate, we know that prices have to be competitive, and that’s something we strive for, as you’ll see throughout the site. Especially, in our Online Store for parts, accessories, and the like. However, it can’t all be about the dollar. What separates us from Joe Blow Vendor out there is that we’re real people, making an honest living out of what we’re doing. We don’t have “Midwest” in our name because it’s a trendy term with the search engines. We grew up in the Midwest, in Nebraska, actually, and we’re pretty darn proud of that.

Here, in the Midwest, people have real relationships, and we want one with you.

Whether you’re here because you’re interested in the products for use in your situation, or because your bottom line is hurting and you want something to spruce up your product line as a dealer, we dedicate ourselves to those we do business with. We’re passionate about the products we provide, and we, at all times, try to operate with the integrity that’s a staple in the Midwest, and have fun doing it! (Be sure to keep posted for when we make our “Cooking Prime Rib on a Spit with a VAL6 video!)