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Midwest Best Equipment has gone under a few names since its establishment. The original name it went under would have to be Eley Distributing, Lisa Leesleyfounded by John Henry Eley, Jr. Eley Distributing was an Alkota pressure washers distributorship from northeast Nebraska. Incidentally, when John saw a need for an accessory product for his pressure washers, he and his sons invented the Reel Quick and Rapid Reel brand hose reels.

When the hose reels took off, John passed the Eley Distributing baton to his daughter, Lisa, and her husband, Jim, and the business became Ag & Industrial Equipment. Together, they added many other products to their line, including Shenandoah/Firelake waste oil heaters and boilers, Cuda parts washers, and others. Danny & LandanUntil, one day, they were approached to market a new breed of portable, radiant heaters, that were diesel-fired, operated quietly, had virtually no emissions, and burned 98.9% efficiently: The VAL6 Series.

After a season or two, the VAL6 Series proved itself, and Ag & Industrial split to maintain proper focus on each of their product lines: Ag & Industrial Equipment continued to carry pressure washers, waste oil heaters and boilers, parts washers and evaporative coolers, and Midwest Radiant Heaters was Lisa & Charityfounded to solely carry the VAL6 Series of diesel-fired, portable, infra-red heaters.

Soon after, Lisa and Jim’s son, Danny, who had grown up watching businesses develop and become successful, was brought on board to meet the growing demand of the quickly expanding company.

In its most recent evolution, Midwest Radiant Heaters has become Midwest Best Equipment, the company you see today. Due mainly to a product line expansion, the change is more than in the name. The product line is Danny & Lisa B larger and more varied and we are establishing ourselves as a physical and virtual force in the industrial world. What hasn’t changed, however, is our philosophy: That has been, and always will be, on providing our clients with the best quality products, and the highest quality service.

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