Privacy Policy

Hands up, anyone here who likes their personal info being sold to someone you don’t know. (And you not even making any money out of it!)

No one? Hmmm.

Folks, we value our own privacy just as much as the next person. Why should yours be any different? On this website, there are forms you can fill out. You can enter information about yourself when you Contact Us, apply to Become a Dealer, or when you go shopping in our Online Store.

Rest assured, when you disclose personal tid bits about yourself, it’s between you, us, and the web server (which is secure). It won’t be sold to anyone. However, if you give us your information when you wish to get in touch with one of our Dealers, say, to organize a demo of one of our heaters, that information will be passed on to them. Definitely, one authorized dealer of ours will receive your information, possibly two, just to make sure you’re well and truly taken care of, and that your questions are answered in a timely fashion. Hands up, anyone here who likes to wait.

No one? Hmmm.

Additionally, if you’re interested in some of our products, but are outside of the territory we service, we will pass your information on to another authorized, regional distributor of the same products.

So, that’s the rub. If you don’t agree to the above, we wouldn’t suggest giving us your info.


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