When it comes to heating and cooling, we’ve got you covered – in an industrial sense, that is. You certainly wouldn’t want these babies in your home.

VAL6 Radiant Heaters

VAL6 EPXWe’ll start, of course, with the VAL6 series of diesel-fired, portable radiant heaters. The VAL6 is the flagship heater of those produced by Shizuoka Seiki, in Japan – a company that found its start in rice drying machines. One of their scientists got together with one of their engineers and the original VAL6 was born. Over the years, it’s been perfected with each evolution. There are copycats and mimics out there, but none of them come close to the VAL6.

Hotgun Convection Heaters

Hotgun 125NAWhile the VAL6 series takes care of the close infra-red range of heaters, the Hotgun series takes care of convection heat. Though not as popular due to the VAL6 revolutionizing the portable heating market, the Hotgun still stands head and shoulders above “those other” convection heaters you might know as “salamanders” or “torpedoes.”

WPS Far Infrared Heaters

WPS-30So, the VAL6 is a powerful, close-up heat that burns like the sun, but do we have anything subtler? How about the WPS series? This breed of heater is so new, no one’s got anything like it! It’s called a “far infra-red” heater. It’s completely electric, whereas the VAL6 and Hotgun burns diesel. It’s a softer, gentler heat than the VAL6, capable of being used in offices and smaller areas. Think of the VAL6 as being a 100W light bulb (Which, incidentally is about how much energy the VAL6 consumes!) and the WPS as a long, fluorescent tube. The heat stretches further, and penetrates deeper.

RKF Evaporative Coolers

RKF-503To round out the hand, we’ve got our cooling section. Because, Mother Nature does have a pleasant side in summer. When the barbeque is getting a bit sticky, when you’ve got a tent wedding in the heat of summer, when people are collapsing left, right and center due to heat exhaustion, break out the RKF series portable, evaporative coolers! Another mindbender from Shizuoka Seiki, they didn’t get into the cooling market to dilly dally or play second fiddle to the big boys. It might not be as big, bulky, and space-consuming as some of the older players in the game, but this bad boy will replace many of them in CFM, and has the features portable, evaporative cooler owners have been waiting for.

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