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Recommended Uses

Sometimes, you just need to blow hot air some place. So, where can you blow it? Hmmm. You could blow it at a construction site. It’d certainly heat the room, but make sure the walls are up! Around the farm, in the shop or garage, military facilities, in the mines or up an oil rig. And, let’s not forget play time. Heaters can be fun, too!


The difference between the Hotgun 125NA and the competing forced-air, portable, diesel-fired heaters lies primarily in efficiency. Manufactured to the highest quality, the 125NA achieves a conversion rate of fuel to thermal energy of nearly 100%. Another marked difference is the noise level. If you’ve ever been around a typical “salamander” style heater, you’ll know they sound a bit like a jet taking off. Not the Hotgun! Ask for a demo to test it out! Finally, the fuel intake is substantially lower than the others. Operating for around 15 hours on a 14.3 gallon tank of fuel.

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Product Specs

Heat Output 116,000 BTU
Heat Type(s) Forced Air
Hot Air Flow 636 ft3
Fuel Type Kerosene; #1 Diesel; #2 Diesel; Bio-Diesel (20%)
Fuel Consumption 0.90 gal/hr
Tank Capacity 14.3 Gallons
Operating Time 16.5 Hours
Power Source 110-120V, 50-60Hz, Single Phase
Power Consumption 176W
Control System 5 Seconds Pre-purge
180 Seconds Post-purge
Dry Weight 82 lbs
Safety Devices 3A Fuse; Overheat Protection; Photocell Flame Monitor

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