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Recommended Uses

Where do you need to keep cool? How long is a piece of string? So, the deal with evap coolers is that you can only use them inside if you maintain a natural current of air. So, crack a door and open a window, this will allow the natural flow of air to be cooled, without ultra-humidifying the air you’ve been recirculating around the garage. If the ceiling starts to drip, you’re doing it wrong! However, out in the open, you’re as good as gold: Construction sites, around the farm & ranch, in your own shop or garage, emergency services when you need to cool down an overheated individual or group, out in the military training field where practice makes perfect, when it’s too hot down the mine or up the rig, and let’s not forget the weekend football game. Grab your cooler and beat the heat!

Features (Part 1)

The features are what bring the RKF series home, both for the 403 and the 503 models. The 503 is just a bigger 403, so we’ll explain it in a two-part series. First up, is the prized feature: The auto shut-off switch. “Wait, wait.” We hear you say, “I saw a swamp cooler with an auto shut-off. Big deal!” “Oh-HO,” you hear us say. Not one like this. What our shut-off does is allow you to leave the scene of the crime without having to hang around waiting for the fan to blow the cool pads down. Who wants to hang around in a (now hot) shop for the last 20 minutes of the work day? Or worse, who wants to hang around for 20 minutes after quitting time? The fact is, those pads will start to stink to high heaven if they aren’t dried out. Mold, mildew, spores, nastiness, etc. (It’s the “etc.” that will do you in.) will be blown all around, and then what? Somebody’s gotta tell Jimmy that his old man can’t come home from the hospital today because he didn’t dry out the cool pads in the evaporative cooler! No! Not on our watch. Just press the button, and it will automatically dry the pads for 20 minutes, and then shut the whole system off, on its own! Hurray! (See Part 2)

Product Images

Product Specs

Power Source 230V 50Hz
120V 60Hz
Power Consumption 230V 50Hz: 230W
120V 60Hz: 290W
Cooling Capacity1 230V 50Hz: 4.0kW
120V 60Hz: 4.7kW
Air Flow (Max) 230V 50Hz: 1,448 ft3
120V 60Hz: 1,554 ft3
Amount of Water Evaporation1 230V 50Hz: 1.50 gal/hr
120V 60Hz: 1.71 gal/hr
Water Tank Capacity 13.2 Gallons
Continuous Operating Time1 (when not refilled) 230V 50Hz: 8 Hours
120V 60Hz: 7 Hours
Noise Level 230V 50Hz: 59 dB (A)
120V 60Hz: 62 dB (A)
External Dimensions
(H x W x D)
54.4 x 21.4 x 20.5 in
Fan Diameter 15.7 in
Dry Weight 101 lbs
Water Feeding System Water Tank; Auto Water Supply System
Louvers Vertical: Manual
Horizontal: Auto
Safety Devices Overload Protection; Motor Overheat Protection; Water Shortage Detection
1The above specifications are derived when the temperature of air at inlet is 86°F and its relative humidity is 50%.


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