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VAL6 Daystar

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Recommended Uses

The Daystar is used best in situations when you need quality heat, fast, and for smaller areas. Blowing the air down a crawl space, or drying out the walls after a pipe leak. Consider these applications: Anywhere around the construction site. Secondary to that, how about using a Daystar to heat the area where you’re applying insulation? Around the farm or ranch, it won’t go astray. Same as in your personal shop or garage. Emergency or military services will certainly have a use for it in a pinch. As mentioned, water damage restoration after a flood, or mold remediation will utilize the radiant heat of the Daystar. Machine or repair sheds in the mining industry or oil and gas industries, and just about as many uses as you can imagine when you’re out having fun. The Daystar can suit your needs.


If we’re making the case for portability, we can’t overlook the fact that, like the rest of the VAL6 models, the Daystar can be run from a power inverter out of your vehicle. It can burn kerosene, #1 and #2 diesel, and bio-diesel (up to 20%), and do so cleanly right across the board. The pinpoint design means a 100% recovery of heat from the fuel you put in, meaning you stop throwing money away. Unlike typical industrial space heaters, there’s no smell, burning eyes, headaches, nausea, or carbon monoxide to worry about. As we said previously, the Daystar is both a radiant and convection style heater, making the best of both styles. It has an easy-carry top handle, and a 2.6 gallon fuel tank. Given that it takes in a scant 0.4 gal/hr, this baby can go and go for 6.5 hours without stopping.

Product Images

VAL6 Daystar - Side ViewVAL6 Daystar - Fuel Tank

Application Images

VAL6 Daystar Drying a WallDaystar & KBE5L - Trap Shoot

Product Specs

Heat Output51,000 BTU
Heat Type(s)Forced Air; Radiant
Fuel TypeKerosene; #1 Diesel; #2 Diesel; Bio-Diesel (20%)
Fuel Consumption0.40 gal/hr
Tank Capacity2.6 Gallons
Operating Time6.5 Hours
Power Source120V, 60Hz
Power Consumption120W (Ignition); 120W (Operation)
Noise Level60 dB (A)
External Dimensions
(H x W x D)
23.4 x 12.2 x 22.8 in
Dry Weight40 lbs
Safety Devices3A Fuse; Overheat Protection; Photocell Flame Monitor; Tip-Over Switch