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Recommended Uses

Anyplace you need a whole lot of heat is where you’d use the EPX. Construction sites, insulation installs – around the farm or in the shop – in a search & rescue op or field training – water damage restoration or mold remediation – repair shops in the mines or up an oil rig in winter – and let’s not forget whipping this bad boy out to prepare the most succulent, spit-roast prime rib around! (Video to come!)


The EPX really is the most technologically advanced VAL6 to date. Like the KBE5L, it has a high/low switch to give you more control when you need it. It comes with a fuel pre-heater to allow a smoother run of the fuel to the nozzle, and a higher quality combustion. The 15 gallon tank allows for long-duration running time. The exhaust visor traps the few unburnt fuel fumes escaping from the top of the disk when in operation, forcing them to ignite, thus claiming higher fuel-to-heat efficiency. The EPX is fitted with an internal thermostat for auto turn-off and turn-on, as well as an attachment for an external thermostat. The advanced monitoring system with color indication lamps makes troubleshooting a breeze when necessary. And let’s not forget the ability to run it from a power inverter out of your vehicle.

Product Images

VAL6 EPX - Wheel

Application Images

VAL6 EPX - KU Jayhawks Football GameVAL6 EPX - Hall

Product Specs

Heat Output (Low)100,000 BTU
Heat Output (High)140,000 BTU
Heat Type(s)Radiant
Fuel TypeKerosene; #1 Diesel; #2 Diesel; Bio-Diesel (20%)
Fuel Consumption (Low)0.75 gal/hr
Fuel Consumption (High)1.02 gal/hr
Tank Capacity15.4 Gallons
Operating Time (Low)20.5 Hours
Operating Time (High)15 Hours
Power Source120V, 60Hz
Power Consumption (Ignition)123W
Power Consumption (Low)96W
Power Consumption (High)97W
Noise Level (Low)63 dB (A)
Noise Level (High)67 dB (A)
External Dimensions
(H x W x D)
38.2 x 25.4 x 48.6 in
Dry Weight110 lbs
Safety Devices3A Fuse; Overheat Protection; Overvoltage Detector; Photocell Flame Monitor; Tip-Over Switch
Radiation Disk Up-Tilt15 Degrees
FeaturesExhaust Visor; Fuel Pre-Heater; Internal Thermostat