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Recommended Uses

Being a concept heater, the WPS-30 is still in that oh-so-lovely “testing” phase. Where will it work? Well, anywhere you’ve got an appropriate power outlet. Where will it work well? Truth be told, it’s more of an indoor unit than an outdoor one. Construction sites where the walls are already up, but the heat isn’t on. In the machine shed of a farm, ranch, mine, or oil rig. In the military, you could use it as heat in the barracks. Or, in your own personal shop or garage.


Some folks appreciate not having to worry about fuel with the WPS-30. However, you’ll have to be mindful that you have the right power source (230v, single-phase). Because the WPS is an electric heater, it operates completely silently. Being a far-infrared unit, the heat stream travels farther and penetrates deeper than a close-infrared system, like the VAL6 series. Though, it’s a much more subtle heat. The 19.8″ heat panel is curved, giving a wide angle heat. It also has a 20° tilt, which means the direction of the heat can be controlled to a greater extent than a fixed panel. Finally, where most electric radiant heaters have a surface temp of around 1,380°F, the WPS maintains a 570°F, hidden behind a heat-resistant safety grating, which stays so cool, you can run your hands across it, substantially reducing the risk of accidental injury.

Product Images

Application Images

WPS-30 Motorcycle Shop

Product Specs

Heat Output 3.0 kW
Heat Type(s) Far-Infrared
Power Source 230V Single Phase
External Dimensions
(H x W x D)
43.7 x 25.6 x 21.6 in
Dry Weight 56.4 lbs
Safety Devices Auto-Restart Prevention Fuse; Overheat Protection; Tip-Over Switch

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